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ZampaQuench Bottle and Bowl for Dogs/Cats

ZampaQuench Bottle and Bowl for Dogs/Cats

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🐾 2-in-1 Portable Water Bottle for Dogs and Cats: The Perfect Companion for Travel with your Pets! 🐾

Bring with you the convenience and essentials to keep your faithful friend hydrated and satisfied with our innovative Portable Water Bottle for Pet Dogs. This multifunctional feeder combines a water bottle and food bowl, making time away from home with your pet even easier.

Main Features:

  • 🥤 Drip Drinking Water: With a leak-proof design, our bottle ensures a clean, fresh water supply with a simple push of the button, ensuring your pet stays hydrated during outdoor adventures.

  • 🌈 Varied Color Range: Choose from vibrant pink, blue, gray or green colors to match your furry companion's unique style.

  • 📏 Generous Capacity: With a capacity of 258ml for water and an additional 200g compartment for food, or opt for the 400ml version to meet your pet's nutritional needs during walks or travel.

🏞️ Ideal for Pet Lovers on the Go: This portable bottle is perfect for families on the go, hiking enthusiasts and those who want to ensure their pets are always well fed and hydrated. The convenience of the integrated water bottle with the bowl makes the feeding and hydrating process quick and effortless.

Choose convenience and safety for your pet with our Portable Water Bottle for Dogs and Cats. We make every moment with your furry friend an enjoyable and hydrating experience! 🐶💦🐱

Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle For Dogs Multifunction Dog Food Water Feeder Drinking Bowl Puppy Cat Water Dispenser Pet Products

【Product Name】: Drinking water drop

【Color 】: Pink/Blue/Grey/Green

【Capacity 】: 258ML+200G/ 400ML

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